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We are a group of leisure cycling enthusiasts from Shrewsbury and the surrounding area that get together to ride on a Wednesday in association with the Frankwell Cycling Club (FCC) who also ride on Friday and Sunday. We are also affiliated with British Cycling registration number 1031354. There is also an enthusiastic group of lady wobblers who ride occasionally at the weekends. Established in November 2017 by Peter and Julie Crinson after moving to the area from Oxfordshire. You are welcome to join us if space is available (see top banner) and if you are able to ride for 3 to 4 hours at 12 to 15 miles per hour on a road bike and can safely ride  in a group of 6 to 8 other riders. The rides include a mid-way(ish) tea stop and are generally between 30 and 50 miles long and very occasionally longer (see rides calendar). We try to ride with good group etiquette and all riders are encouraged to follow, where possible, our group riding recommendations below. Riders will split into groups leaving 5 minutes apart with a nominated ride leader. We would ask that your bike is reasonably maintained, preferably has full length mudguards with mud flaps in winter months, lights in adverse weather conditions and that you carry appropriate repair items such as tubes, tyre leavers and a pump or gas bottle. It is also required that you have third party liability insurance (see useful links below and chit chat tab). All riders are required to sign up to the Wednesday Wobble constitution only after approval to join the Wednesday Wobble.


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Wednesday rides calendar

Rides are planned several weeks in advance of the scheduled date. Every ride is numbered and can been viewed in full on the rides tab along with some brief details about the ride length, elevation, duration,  terrain, tea stop location and overall ride rating from 1 to 5 where 1 is a fairly flat short ride and 5 is a longer more hilly ride.  There will also be an associated GPX file for download suitable for most cycle navigation via a map link to the Ride With GPS map. Here is how you add GPX files to your device. Some rides will only be available in the summer months due to teas stop constraints and may be longer in more favourable weather conditions. The ride leader may also change a ride on the day due to adverse weather conditions such as rain or strong winds and the occasional pandemic may also disrupt the schedule. Riders are encouraged to join our WhatsApp group (links below) for live updates on rides or any schedule changes.

Rides start location

All rides on a Wednesday and Friday start from the layby up from Dave Mellor Cycles just before the Frankwell roundabout. Unless stated otherwise in the ride calendar, all rides start departing at 9:30 on Wednesday  and Friday every week, come rain or shine but may be cancelled in severe weather conditions such as ice or snow.  Please take care to leave the path and cycle way clear for pedestrians and other cyclist and of course, we are all encouraged to explore the delights of our wonderful local cycle shop DMC while waiting for the ride to start. Riders will depart in groups of 8 or less riders at 5 minute intervals with a ride leader who will explain any last minute changes to a published ride and welcome new riders.  Riders are encouraged to join different ride groups each week and keep the group separation while on route for road safety reasons. Riders are encouraged to join our WhatsApp group (links below) for live updates on rides or any schedule changes.

Group riding etiquette

We encourage all riders to follow where possible a few simple group cycling recommendations to ensure the safety of all riders. Once out of town riders will generally ride in pairs and will rotate round the group frequently providing lots of time to chat to all riders whilst sharing the load in windy conditions. However, occasionally we recommend single file riding in built up areas, heavy traffic conditions and on narrow lanes when there are vehicles waiting to pass. Good communication is key to a great safe ride and we are all expected to point out obstructions, vehicle hazards and use appropriate calls and hand signals. 

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